Audio/Video English Lessons

Do you produce audio and video English lessons?

No. Purchasing audio and video English lessons can be extremely costly to students of English courses. Our aim is to keep the costs low for the student. Audio and video English lessons are unnecessary in this case, due to the simplicity of the course and the accessibility of the internet. The eBook is self-explanatory and assists you every step of the way. If you need to hear a word or sentence spoken, after purchase you will be given links to websites that will speak any word, phrase, sentence or paragraph for you in a British English or American English accent.

After purchasing the Practice Reading and Speaking eBook English pronunciation course, you will be provided with a free internet link that teaches (through video) all of the sounds heard in the English language accurately. Once the learner has perfected all of the basic sounds in the video (less than 50), this eBook English pronunciation course demonstrates all of the different ways to spell the sounds. The spelling of sounds is ordered by level of difficulty. By the end of this English pronunciation course the student should be able to read, speak and pronounce any English word with a British accent (without costly audio and video English lessons). Please note that there are no audio links throughout the course. Further assistance is available by email to the author if needed.

Additionally, you will be provided with internet links that allow you to check (through careful listening) that your pronunciation of any English word or short sentence is correct. As you will appreciate there are a limited number of phrases and sentences that can be covered by audio and video English lessons. However, using this method, you will never need to ask how to pronounce a word again. You will be able to see the correct English pronunciation visually by means of the eBook and use the knowledge you gain with each lesson to develop a perfect British accent.

Remember too, that anyone purchasing the eBook can have any of their questions about the English course answered by means of this email address:

7 Ways to Correct Your English Pronunciation

In order to learn to read and pronounce English words correctly there are several ways to be able to work out the exact pronunciation using the eBook Practice Reading and Speaking and the internet. The structure and information in the eBook makes audio unnecessary.

1. Sounds are linked to colour making guesswork more logical

2. Sounds are linked to images enabling the reader to see the sound via the  image

3. Learning is cumulative so you can link what you already know to a new spelling

4. New sounds not yet learned are marked with the number of the lesson that it is taught in. Find the lesson number and look at the image at the top of the page. It will remind you of the sound that has arisen in the new word and how to pronounce it.

5. You can look up the spelling in the index at the back of the book. Any sound that has more than one pronunciation is indexed in alphabetical order. You can see at a glance a sample word for each pronunciation. For example:

ho     honest  (as in dog)
ho     echo      (as in no)
ho     chorus  (as in for)

You will have learned that the colour red represents the short vowel sound, blue the long vowel sound and green a vowel digraph. So your best guess is more likely to be correct.

6. The eBook contains a self-correction bookmark. It contains the 24 most likely options for the part of the word that you are stuck on. Try an option and compare your version of the pronunciation of the word with the context of the text that you are reading. One of these 24 options will be correct. (You may need to combine two of the options.)

7. An additional option would be type in the word in an online pronunciation dictionary. The word will then be spoken to you.

If you would like reading material that targets one sound at a time, the Phonic Stories for adults will work perfectly for this purpose.  Click here.