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Spoken Dialects in the British Isles

The British Isles has various, diverse regional dialects. British pronunciation accents range from received pronunciation (Queen’s English) to strong local accents which can be hard to understand. Estuary English or the neutral London accent is the accent that many ESL English language schools teach. Lessons concentrate on coaching and training students, through hints and tips, on how to speak with a British accent in commonly used sentences containing high frequency vocabulary. An attempt is made to differentiate between American English and a native British accent. Grammar exercises are usually included when learning English vocabulary in English language courses. Students are encouraged to talk and converse with natural British pronunciation. These courses have their value. However, whilst most British pronunciation courses teach words, phrases, sentences and grammar, learning to speak English with fluent British pronunciation often takes second place.

So what is the best way to master speaking with British pronunciation?  First, learn how to say each sound heard in English with British pronunciation (there are less than 50). Next, improve how you pronounce individual words with a neutral, natural British accent by means of this course. If you sound English, your confidence when learning the English language will be boosted. This course is designed to teach you how to speak English using British pronunciation fast. It allows you to concentrate on British pronunciation rather than the meaning of words and grammar.

Learn British Pronunciation

Learn British Pronunciation at Any Age

Learn how to speak using British pronunciation with this easy fast track fluent British pronunciation English speaking and reading course. Fluent British pronunciation is possible within a much shorter timescale than was previously thought possible. Precise, accurate and clear teaching methods shortens the time it takes to learn how to speak with British pronunciation.

Most courses teach the very basics of the sounds in British pronunciation along with a few spelling variations. They rely on you repeating the sentences that you hear spoken in order to speak with a fluent British accent. Think about it. Learning that way can take a very, very long time. These courses cannot be tailored to the individual. The teacher is in control rather than the student. With ‘Practice Reading and Speaking’, the student can have control as they learn how British pronunciation works. If there is a fact about learning how to speak with British pronunciation that you would like to learn, you can look it up immediately. If there is a particular word that you would like to learn how to pronounce you can search for it (as eBooks are searchable.) The image on the pages will make British pronunciation clear. You won’t have to wait until it appears in your course or the teacher feels that a group of students is ready to learn it.

When you learn how to speak with British pronunciation, you will have all of the facts of British pronunciation to hand. You will learn how to speak with a British accent, at a rapid rate because the facts are presented in a logical cumulative way. This means that it won’t take months or years to learn how to speak with a British accent. It can take just 70 days at a page a day. You will have the confidence that what you learn is accurate, as this British pronunciation speaking course has been written by an author who is British and lives in London.

This British pronunciation course has taken almost 20 years to write, test and refine. During this time diligent research was carried out and the English language (as used in London) was monitored in many different ways. This has ensured that all of the most used words in English along with the most mispronounced and misspelled words have been included. The author is also a lyricist who has a particular interest in how words sound. It matters to her that when you learn how to speak with a British accent, you are given accurate simple instruction. It’s essential that you learn how to speak with British pronunciation without frustration and as quickly as is humanly possible.

When you learn how to speak with British pronunciation this way, you will be given the right amount of practice at the right time to eliminate pronunciation mistakes. Most of the sounds that you need to know in order to speak with a British accent you will likely already know and use in your first language.

In order to refine your British pronunciation, you will need to practice until every sound used in British pronunciation becomes second nature. By concentrating on just one sound at a time you can learn British pronunciation in an organised way. When you have eliminated British pronunciation mistakes in these core sounds, it will be easier to combine sounds into increasingly more complex words and sentences in order to perfect your British pronunciation. Whilst you learn British pronunciation you will be increasing your vocabulary and your knowledge of how the English language works.

How to Learn British Pronunciation

So, how should you learn to speak with a British accent? First, learn the British pronunciation of all of the sounds heard in English. This can be done by pronouncing just 21 words and thinking about the individual sounds in the words. You will find a list of words on page 154 of the book. There are two specific kinds of websites which will help with this. One will vocalize the  words exactly how they are pronounced when you speak with  a British accent. The other will do the same but also allow you to slow down the fluent British pronunciation so that you can  listen more carefully. (You will be sent both links when you order the eBook.)

Next, begin the course at Module one. Read and speak every word, linking what you read with the sounds that you have already learned how to speak with British pronunciation. Whilst you do this you will discover how sounds at the end of words flow naturally on the beginning sound of the word which follows. Move forward when you’re ready; at a pace you can cope with. This will minimise confusion. If you have difficulty when you speak with a British pronunciation check the teaching notes which explains how to separate the sounds you see. If you spent sufficient time on the first 21 words, you likely will not need to continue to check your British pronunciation online or ask others if your pronunciation is correct. However, the internet is still there if pronunciation confidence is a problem. Throughout the course, you will learn over 1,000 spelling variations of the sounds that you spoke in those 21 words. Colours and images will help you to remember how to speak the sounds in words with British pronunciation.

Practice Reading and Speaking contains a chart of the most used words in the English language. It has been organised by sound. So, even in the early stages when you begin to learn to speak with    British pronunciation, you will have a simple guide of the most used words that make up over 50% of our everyday speech. As you learn how to speak with a British accent, you will be surprised at how easy a fluent British accent really is. Nothing you need to know when you learn to speak with a British accent, has been omitted.

Practice British Pronunciation and a British accent

In this British pronunciation and British accent reading course ‘Practice Reading and Speaking English’ there are 70 modules or lessons (70 pages). They cover all of the spellings of sounds that you’re ever likely to come across when you learn how to speak English and read it.  Because you can focus and practice for longer on the sound that you find difficult, (through lots of examples) there will be vast improvement when you speak with British pronunciation and a British accent.

Learning to speak and read simple words is a natural way to learn. You will need to learn how to speak with British pronunciation and read English words with a fluent British accent by saying each part of the word without mistakes. The less facts that you have to absorb in one session  the easier it will be to build on what you already know. In turn this will make it easier to learn how to speak with a British accent.

While you practice your fluent British accent, you can chart your pronunciation progress. You will become fully aware of your new found skills. You will also be able to see at a glance what is left to learn so that you will automatically know how to speak with British pronunciation fluently.

Once you’ve finished the British Pronunciation course, reading and pronouncing sentences will become easier. You will have mastered the pronunciation of words. By stringing words together in sentences your British pronunciation will begin to flow naturally. You now just need to imitate the sense stress that you hear when listening to natural British accent speakers. (The stress tends to be on the word or words in the sentence that are the most important In order to get the point across) This can be done simply by listening to British pronunciation on radio, television or movies. Copy what you hear. Record your voice. Play it back and check your British pronunciation against the right page in the book.

Learn New English Words while you learn British Pronunciation

Some words in the course were specifically chosen to help you to learn new English words while you learn British pronunciation. Differences between some of the English words are explained simply. Common prefixes and suffixes are included. You’ll learn the rules of British Spelling. You’re taught how to split words into separate parts. This helps you read and speak English words with British pronunciation that you’ve never come across before. You’ll learn Basic English sentence structure. Punctuation training has also been included. Learning how to speak English with a British accent in this way will make you acutely aware of the correct British pronunciation of words. Learning English grammar with your current ESL lessons will be simplified. As incorrect pronunciation will no longer be a problem you can concentrate on meaning and English grammar. While you learn British pronunciation, you will notice how your success will motivate you to speak with British pronunciation more regularly.

Speak, read and write English fluently

You’ll learn enough about phonics and Basic English to be able to teach a child or adult how to speak with a British accent, clearly. You will also be able to teach reading and writing. Your new speaking, reading and writing skills will allow you to feel comfortable working in an environment where knowing how to speak English fluently is important. In turn, this will improve your career prospects. With the guidance and support that you get from ‘Practice Reading and Speaking English’ you can be your own tutor. You will have learned to read and write English fluently and speak with natural British pronunciation.

Teach yourself, Family and Friends how to speak with British pronunciation. Now that you know it’s possible to teach yourself to speak with British pronunciation without costly lessons, don’t be surprised if others who are learning English ask you to help them learn British pronunciation. A structured English language pronunciation and reading course that gives accurate and detailed help is priceless.

Perfect British pronunciation is attainable and not just wishful thinking.

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