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English Pronunciation Course for a Fluent British Accent

British Accent Course
Practice a British Accent at Home

Learn to read and speak English with a fluent British Accent at any age with this natural British English Pronunciation Course book. ’Practice Reading and Speaking’ concentrates on British pronunciation. If you’re looking for an English pronunciation course to learn how to speak English with a fluent British accent at home, this British English pronunciation course will help you to achieve your goal. You will benefit from the precise guidance and clear teaching that this English pronunciation course eBook gives. Learning how to pronounce words with a fluent British accent is taught in simple cumulative steps. This English pronunciation course assumes that you have never learned how to speak with a fluent British accent before. It then goes on to train you how to pronounce every sound and spelling pattern found in English, accurately.

All of the sounds heard in British English pronunciation are covered in the first lesson (the pronunciation assessment). They should be re-enforced until fluent British pronunciation of the words has been achieved. This English pronunciation course introduces the spelling patterns in English  in order of difficulty and frequency in everyday English. This English pronunciation course gives lots of practice so you can learn to read and speak English words which contain the same sound fluently.

There are over 10,000 words in this phonics course and over 1,000 different ways the English sounds are linked to spelling. The way English is spoken is condensed in this 70 page course. Even though you likely will be able to read the words using your own accent, remember that the objective of this English pronunciation course is to learn the correct British English pronunciation. You should practice repeating the words until you sound English when saying them. Accent reduction lessons first concentrate on the correct pronunciation of sounds before you can focus on word stress, sentence stress, intonation, linking words, pausing and rate of speech.

An English Pronunciation Course with a Twist

Learning pronunciation by learning it groups of words that sound the same, may seem an unusual method for teaching you to speak English perfectly, but think about it, if you can’t say the words correctly, how are you going to be able to speak British English sentences fluently. Your conversation would be marred by errors in British English pronunciation. It makes sense to include a specific English pronunciation course in your resources when you learn English. If you’re not worried about British English pronunciation, then you can concentrate on learning the meaning of words and English grammar. By means of this English pronunciation course you are learning the British pronunciation of words separately to your usual English course. It will remove the pressure when you speak English in conversation. You know that what you are saying sounds correct, because you will own a pronunciation guide book that answers your questions about pronunciation, instead of having to ask someone else, ‘How do you say……….?’.

To aid you to learn how the sounds in English work, colour and images have been included to help you to form a mental link between sound and spelling. You will slowly be introduced to more and more difficult spellings of the same sound. By the end of this English pronunciation course you will be speaking multisyllabic words with accuracy. This English pronunciation course teaches you to have a thorough understanding of how the spelling of sounds relates to what you hear.

By using a cumulative approach to learning, you will encounter principles in this British English pronunciation course that you have never considered before. When you can pronounce every syllable of every word correctly you can start the next lesson. When you learn to read and speak English with a fluent British accent in this English pronunciation course, you will need lots of repetition to re-enforce your memory. For those who need to take their time when they learn to read and speak English using British pronunciation, there are lots of examples in this English pronunciation course. Focus pages allow you to extract a single spelling of a sound and focus on it, on its own, for around five minutes or more (to aid memory). In this English pronunciation course, progress can be rapid because teaching is clear, precise and simple. When you learn to speak with a fluent British accent this way, you will eliminate confusion.

British English Pronunciation Course and English Simplified

This English pronunciation course has dual usage so is extremely good value for money. It can be used to perfect your British accent and improve your written English, or it can be used to teach reading to a child or an adult who has never learned to read. It’s precision and understanding of phonics allows it to also be used to teach dyslexics to read. This English pronunciation course also contains a factual guide to spelling, punctuation and writing. So, once you have used the English pronunciation course to teach yourself how to speak with a British accent, it can be used with family members or friends to help them succeed in reading, writing and speaking English.

Teaching this English Pronunciation Course

There are 14 different sections to the Practice Reading and Speaking English eBook. Each section will help the student learn to read and speak English with a fluent British accent and boost English skills.

Section four helps parents learn how to teach reading. Parents can use the book to support their child through school. This book is a valuable Basic English literacy guide for families. It explains in simple terms how to teach reading and writing to an adult level. It also gives insight into how to prepare a pre-school child for reading, as well as motivate a reluctant learner. It can be used as to train parents how phonics works.

Section six begins the  teachers’ guide to teaching reading and pronunciation. It suggests lesson plans and provides extra support for remedial lessons. You can use the teaching notes to give an understanding of the lesson that is about to be studied. The teaching notes are simple and easy to understand. They can also be used directly with students.

Section twelve of this English pronunciation course contains assessments (reading tests and pronunciation tests) for before and after teaching as well as helping teachers define a precise starting point in the reading and pronunciation course for individual students.

In this English pronunciation course, you will find a unique English pronunciation assessment. The pronunciation assessment contains a list of 21 simple words which contain every different sound spoken in English. If the student can pronounce the words without mistakes they are reassured that they can pronounce every sound spoken in British English. (If you are teaching yourself with this English pronunciation course, you can still take the test by checking your English pronunciation against the website links that you will be given when you buy the eBook.) The test goes on to focus the student on separating the key sounds in each word. By means of this test, it’s possible to discover which sounds in British English the student finds difficult to say. A reference is also given to the module containing the first list of practice words, that contain the sound.

Here is a breakdown of the sections contained in this Reading and British English Pronunciation Course

1)     How Practice Reading & Speaking works – Learn to Read and Speak English

2)     The Reading and pronunciation course – How to speak English and read it.

3)     The most used words in the English language

4)     Teaching guide for parents

5)     Syllable division simplified

6)     Clear teaching notes for the course plus tips for pronouncing Bible names

7)     Lesson plans, games and writing ideas for teachers to use with their students

8)     Writing, spelling, punctuation, parts of speech and public speaking

9)     Ideas for learning new vocabulary and improving comprehension

10)   Resources including printable letter and word flash cards for early reading

11)   Extra focus for students who find specific sounds and their spellings difficult.

12)   Pronunciation test and general reading Assessments refine a starting point.

13)   Module Assessments test reading and pronunciation before and after each lesson.

14)   Progress charts to record progress of students

15)   Index of the spelling of sounds

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With this English pronunciation course you can learn to read and speak English with a fluent British accent to improve your job prospects. Take a close look at the contents of  this unique English pronunciation course. If you would like an online British English speaking course but don’t have access regularly to the internet or you would like free English lessons, this English pronunciation course will fill your needs. Just teach yourself. With the right information presented in an easy way, you can do it. If you compare the cost of this course with the cost of English pronunciation course lessons, this English pronunciation course is a no brainer! Buy it here.

With this English pronunciation course, you can learn to read and speak English with a  fluent British English accent in order to speak English confidently. A child can also learn to read or  improve their reading and spelling age. Basic English including spelling, writing and speaking is also clearly explained. Whether help is needed at home, school or work, this book covers everything including creative writing, comprehension and vocabulary building.


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