Learn to Speak with a British Accent

A British Accent that is Easy to Understand

Learn to read and speak with a fluent British Accent and be clearly understood. Learn the London accent. (Thames Estuary accent.)

  • SEE clearly how the British Accent is spoken.
  • Read and speak English words with a flawless British accent.
  • Practice your British accent until it is perfect.
  • Learn how to speak with a British accent without extra help. (All you need is the PDF eBook and occasional internet access.)
  • Improve your written English.
British Accent
Learn a British Accent

Are you learning English? Learn how to speak with a fluent British accent in weeks rather than years. The London accent is easy to learn.

It is a little known fact that an English Phonics course is a highly effective way to learn to speak with a British accent. The training course called ‘Practice Reading and Speaking’ is usually used to teach reading to all ages. However, you can use the phonics course highly effectively to learn to pronounce words with a perfect British accent. As an adult, you will likely have no problem reading the words in the course, but can you read all of them with a British accent? Use the course to practice speaking.

It is an eBook n PDF form and can be instantly downloaded for use on any device that contains an e book reader. When you have finished using the course to practice the perfect English accent, just pass it on to someone who needs to learn to read. With this eBook you can teach reading or basic English to all ages including public speaking.

It is a quick, word based, effective way to learn to speak with a British accent using phonics. When you can speak every part of every word correctly, listening to British conversation online or in Movies will make more sense. This word accuracy course will refine your accent without the need for audio and video lessons. Why not begin to refine your British accent independently, using this phonics course.

Learn a British English Accent at Home

This eBook will help you learn to speak with a British English accent at home.Confident, re-enforced learning will help you to develop a fluent British accent quickly. You will have all of the bases covered. Whether you need a greater variety of British accent practice words or to improve your written English skills this seventy lesson course is for you.

You no longer have to move to the UK to learn to speak with a fluent British accent. This printable eBook (PDF) gives very simple instructions on how to learn British pronunciation and speak with a fluent British accent. It’s based on the fluent British accent spoken in London and its surrounding areas. So, it’s the British accent that the world is most familiar with.  Learn in a structured way through phonics with‘Practice Reading and Speaking’.

10 Reasons why you CAN teach yourself to speak with a British English Accent

Why not rather than watching video explanations just get stuck in and do it. Practice Reading and Speaking can be used to hone your British English Accent. Just read aloud a section each day. Here are the benefits of buying this course.

  1. A phonics course lets you practice a British accent at home.
  2. Structured learning with pronunciation tips allows you to learn at your own pace.
  3. Learn precisely how English words work and how to split words into sounds (phonics). There is plenty of practice. It starts with simple two and three letter words and progresses to words with several syllables and complex spellings.
  4.  It’s value for money. All you need to pay for is the eBook. There is NO further cost.
  5. This British accent course won’t cloud your mind with technical jargon. You can learn to speak with a fluent British accent in 70 lessons. It is clear, precise and easy to understand.
  6. This course encourages rapid progress. If you want to learn to speak with a fluent British accent quickly, simply and as cheaply as possible, this eBook is the perfect course.
  7. It also contains detailed teaching notes on how to decode words and lots of hints and tips on how to speak with a fluent British accent, to help you succeed.
  8. There is no need for teacher or audio/video lessons as you can use the online links (not exclusive to this course) that will allow you to listen, check and correct your pronunciation.
  9.  Once you have learned to speak with a fluent British English Accent, you can pass the book on to someone who can use it to teach reading or improve written English. This  eBook is one that doesn’t need to sit on a shelf unused.
  10. The author of the eBook is always happy to answer your questions via email.

Twenty-one Words to a Fluent British Accent  

Were you aware that twenty-one simple words contain all of the sounds heard in English? These words are contained in the eBook. By perfecting these sounds, your British accent will sound more natural. All of the words except one have just one syllable. One word has two syllables. The pronunciation assessment found in this eBook lists the words and breaks them up into sounds. Just type the 21 words into a free online website that will speak your text in a British accent. Listen carefully and imitate the individual sounds in each word. Next, complete the course in the eBook. The sounds that you have just listened to are repeated in many different ways throughout the course. These are the ONLY sounds in the English language. They are just ordered in many different ways.

This simple method and way of linking sounds to English spelling makes it easy to learn to speak with your preferred accent. This British accent eBook boosts progress and memory. No other audio files are needed in order to refine your fluent British accent. It really is that simple.

Make Progress with your British Accent

If you want to make progress with your British accent you need to do this in a structured way. You will have no more need to ask a tutor “How do you say…?” This is a hit and miss approach to learning. Practice Reading and Speaking helps you to practice saying all of the sounds and spellings seen and heard in English in different orders, at speed and in a wide variety of words. Seeing a word and knowing how it should sound with a British accent will become easy. You won’t need to constantly ask others how to pronounce a word. You can search for the word in the eBook and SEE how it’s pronounced.

Keeping a copy of the eBook on your phone, means that you will always have a guide to a fluent British accent and British pronunciation at hand. Just search for the word, look at the image and colour at the top of the page and you will have defined the correct pronunciation. You can then read a list of alternative words with the same spelling and sound. Your progress will be become evident to others.


ESL British English Pronunciation Practice guide book (eBook PDF)

  • Learn how to say every sound heard in English and translate spellings of words into sounds.
  • Learn how to read and speak with a British accent, fluently.

For further information see www.britishenglishaccent.com

The following website demonstrates how to teach reading using the same course.


email:  info@readandspeakenglish.com

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