Practice Reading and Speaking

Buy and instantly download the Practice Reading and Speaking eBook PDF. It will work on any device with a PDF reader. Permission to print pages for personal or classroom use is given. It can be used as a British accent course or to learn how to read and write English. Use it to teach phonics, reading and writing. Teach children and adults.

The eBook contains a Guide to Basic English. It can be used as a comprehensive phonic dictionary. Look up a spelling in the index in see examples of the different pronunciations of that spelling. This eBook contains all of the sounds/phonemes heard in spoken English along with over 1,000 different ways to spell the phonemes. There are over 10,000 practice words organised into 70 Modules. No matter what your first language is, if you read through the course using the precise intended pronunciation, you can develop a British English Accent and iron out the errors in your pronunciation. Practice Reading & Speaking is a comprehensive guide to spoken and written English.

If all you need is the pronunciation course without the extras, buy the Student guide and the Phonic Stories for a thorough way to practice your British accent.