Learn a British Accent

The quickest way to learn a British accent

The quickest way to learn a British accent is to use this precise phonics course to cover ALL of the facts. It could take as little as 70 days. (A page or 150 words approximately a day.) You will begin to see English text in a new light. It’s as if the pronunciation of every word will be jumping out of the page at you. A British accent will become crystal clear.

By the time you’ve reached Module 39 (about half way through the course), you should have a thorough understanding of English phonics and how a British accent works. From that point on, it’s a simple matter of widening out your practice vocabulary to give you a larger core of words that you can speak with a fluent British accent. You’ll find yourself looking at words and seeing them in their component sounds.  By learning how each part of the word sounds, you will have laid the foundation for being able to speak words with a greater number of syllables correctly. If you learn a British accent using this method, your dedication and focus will pay off.

This British accent course contains over Ten Thousand practice words

This British accent course contains over ten thousand practice words. ALL of the sounds that you hear when you learn to speak with a fluent British accent, along with over 1,000 ways of spelling them have been included. Over ten thousand practice words are contained in this structured 70 module British accent course (178 pages in the eBook) cover every combination of sounds in the English language. This is the quickest way to learn a British accent.

Could it be that up until now you may have missed a vital step in your understanding.  You may already be able to read all of the words in the course in your own accent, but your objective is to go back to the beginning and learn to how to read the words at speed, with a natural British accent. To learn a British accent quickly take your inhibitions out of the equation. This is easier to do when you do this alone.

In addition to learning to speak with a British accent, Practice Reading and Speaking can be used as an English reference guide. As an English dictionary of phonics it indexes sounds and all of their different spellings. Besides being a reading and pronunciation instruction course, this British accent course is probably the most useful English book and guide to family literacy that you will ever buy.

British Accent Training Guide – Easy to Understand

This British accent training guide will help you assimilate the facts about English pronunciation. It is simple and easy to understand.

‘Practice Reading & Speaking’ is suitable for both children and adults. Images illustrate the sounds and make it simple to learn a British accent. Even a four year old child can learn how to read English words and learn how to speak with a British accent. It really is that easy. Everything you need to know about phonics and a British accent is said in as few words as possible.

Every word in this British accent course has been categorised to aid speech and help you learn a British accent, quickly. It uses colour and images to help you work out the correct pronunciation. You will learn one sound at a time initially and link the English spelling to its sound. You will then build your English accent vocabulary buy learning how the sounds heard in English relate to complex spelling patterns. Every part of every word is explained so that you can learn a British accent, easily.

The hardest thing to overcome will be your pride in thinking, “But, I can already read these words.” It looks too easy. However, you may be able to read them, but can you read them with a perfect British English accent. Overcome your pride, complete the course and you will have learned rapidly. You can always cover the easy sections quickly and take more time over the more difficult spellings and longer words.

Track your British Accent Progress

Each phonics  lesson brings you one step closer to a fluent British accent. It builds on what you already know. A progress chart has been included to help you track your progress. By the end of the course, your experience with segmenting words into their sound components, will help you to pronounce difficult words accurately and with a perfect, fluent British accent every time. You will also be able to read and speak English words as fluently as any native British English speaker. Refine your accent in weeks rather than years.

If you’re learning English and a British accent to improve your job prospects or learning English to improve your communication at work this is the perfect course for you. Maybe you live in England and hope to become a British Citizen. This fluent British accent course will help you to reach your goal. It contains pronunciation help and assistance with written English. Throughout the course listen to natural British English speakers as often as you can and practice speaking with a fluent British accent. When you can pronounce each word correctly and at speed, your pronunciation of the links between words will transform into a fluent British accent.

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